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Meizu 16s review: Intriguing hardware, frustrating software

For a small Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Meizu certainly enjoys grabbing headlines. Earlier this year, for example, it announced the Meizu Zero, the “world’s first hole-less smartphone” — a device it later dismissed as a marketing stunt. The Meizu 16s is no marketing ploy. Instead, Meizu refined its practical Meizu 16th for 2019. What has Meizu improved, and,  Full Article…


Cutting off Huawei’s access to technology is cutting off innovation

I’ve been using mobile phones since the mid-nineties and have seen several companies impact the industry. Motorola and Nokia helped shape much of the earlier years of mobile phones with the latter introducing me to my first “smart” phone with the Communicator.  Then came BlackBerry that pushed productivity on mobile phones with push email and  Full Article…


Consumers still aren’t sure how companies are using their data

Despite the introduction of GDPR last year, new research has revealed that consumers are still in the dark when it comes to how their data is collected, stored and used. Mobile journey marketing company Ogury surveyed 287,571 consumers to better understand their attitudes towards marketing, advertising and data use to coincide with the one year  Full Article…