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The best portable laptops for travel

When you're looking for a laptop to use on the move, there are three main points to consider: size, weight and battery life. The best laptops for travelling are compact, but designed with extra narrow bezels to allow for a larger screen. They're also super slim, and will slip into a big or briefcase as  Full Article…


Google ends cryptocurrency ad ban

Google has announced it is reversing its decision to ban advertisements for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The online giant blocked such adverts back in March as part of a security crackdown, but has now apparently changed its mind and will allow cryptocurrency ads on its services from next month. The news was detailed in a  Full Article…


#MeToo Survivors on the Year That Rocked Hollywood

The fall of Harvey Weinstein triggered a reckoning in Hollywood, the aftershocks of which are still being felt a year later. The dozens of women brave enough to go public with their allegations of harassment by the indie mogul inspired scores of others to break their silence about their own painful experience with sexual abuse.  Full Article…