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Salesforce adds customer data platform to CRM

At its annual Salesforce Connections conference, Salesforce unveiled its new Customer Data Platform (CDP) alongside the next generation of Customer 360. The new platform services will allow companies to unify disparate customer data throughout their entire organization and then personalize every engagement based on a single view of the customer. Customer 360 will also go  Full Article…


GandCrab ransomware shuts down after netting authors billions

The operators behind the GandCrab ransomware have announced that they are closing up shop after almost a year and a half in which they claimed to have earned $ 2bn from ransom payments. GandCrab rose in popularity among cybercriminals after the operators began to market their services on underground criminal sites in January of 2018.  Full Article…


Fraudulent domains are remaining active for longer

Domain fraud is a growing risk for businesses and consumers as cybercriminals register millions of domains to impersonate brands and major global events each year. As registering a domain requires little more than an internet connection, domain fraud is fairly simple to execute and researchers have even discovered fraudulent domain services available for purchase on  Full Article…