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Archive | November 14, 2010

Samsung Smiley

The Smiley weighs in at a fairly average four ounces, and there is nothing especially striking about its design other than the (increasingly common) vertical portrait slider form factor. Exterior volume and camera buttons are right where you’d expect them along with a micro USB port and a microSD card slot. The Smiley regrettably doesn’t have a  Full Article…


BioWare details crafting and PvP a bit more for SWTOR

Last week, BioWare dished a bit on the crafting aspects of Star Wars: The Old Republic. This week, there’s a bit more detail on it, and thankfully, the developers are turning the sometimes daunting task of crafting on its ear a bit. Oh, and there’s a bit more on PvP as well. Crafting in the  Full Article…