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Archive | November 28, 2010

Lian Li PC-V352 B HTPC Chassis

I am a huge fan of leaving my case on my desktop for easy access to all the innards, but every once in a while I really ponder moving to a much smaller rig for my day to day use. With the advances in m-ITX motherboards for low power HTPC usage alongside the advances in  Full Article…


Hasselblad prices, ships Ferrari-edition H4D camera

Hasselblad today shipped the H4D-40 Ferrari Limited Edition. The special run medium format camera previewed earlier costs roughly in line with others in its class, at $29,499. Its launch strategy mimics that of the Ferrari Enzo and will see just 499 cameras sold with an 80mm lens. The new edition stands out through its rosso fuoco color and  Full Article…