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Archive | May, 2012

MTV First: ‘Battleship’ With Taylor Kitsch Begins Right Now!

There’s a war coming. Which side are you on: the giant mechanical aliens invading Earth with peg-shaped bombs and a massive armada at their disposal, or the crew of human resistance fighters populated by a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, the “Umbrella” singer, an ancient Swedish vampire, and Tim Riggins? Should be a no-brainer, people. If  Full Article…


Be Your Own Dictator in the The Dictator Mobile App

In next month’s The Dictator, Supreme Leader Shabazz Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) pretty much does as he pleases, including bedding Megan Fox, riding an elephant in the streets of NYC, and winning the 100M race at his country’s Wadiyan Games (with just a little help from his handgun). But why should only Aladeen have all  Full Article…