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Archive | August 7, 2015

Why X-Men’s Colossus Turned Down The Same Role In Deadpool

The towering giant known as Colossus is one of those mutant heroes who hasn’t properly received his due in the various X-Men movies. After appearing briefly in X2: X-Men United and Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand, Colossus (as played by actor Daniel Cudmore) finally got some battle action in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of  Full Article…


Exclusive Sinister 2 TV Spots

Believe in the boogeyman… In 2012, Sinister arrived. In 2015, Sinister II arrives, and to celebrate that fact, here are two exclusive TV spots to get you excited about the return to the supernatural horror phenomenon. James Ransone is returning from the first Sinister in the role of the sheriff’s deputy who tried to help  Full Article…


Roundup: 5 things to help you unplug this weekend

Intro: Unplug yourselves this weekend We’ve all had that feeling. The early morning groggy regret of staying up far too late playing Hearthstone, Facebooking or checking emails. The wistful sigh as we trawl through Instagram, looking at some beautiful person standing chopping wood against a log cabin backdrop. Watching The Walking Dead thinking, “I could  Full Article…