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Archive | August 10, 2015

Dope Trailer Drops Online

From geek to streets If Dope had any more buzz around it, it’d have the Rock riding on the back of it, Journey 2-style. It was a hit with critics at Sundance and is moseying over to this part of the world next month. To spread those bee-sounds a little further, it has a new  Full Article…


Bill Murray Confirmed for New ‘Ghostbusters’

Everyone who saw the hilarious, matchless performances by Bill Murray in the Ghostbusters comedies dreamed that he might one day agree to make another sequel, yet he never exhibited much enthusiasm for the idea. But when rumors began flying last year about the possibility of an all-female version, he was all in favor, stating: "I  Full Article…


Review: Sony KD-65X8505C

Introduction and features Much as we may have loved the recently-tested Sony 75X9405C TV, it’s just not going to be an option for most households. Partly because of its £7,000+ price, and partly because of its sheer enormity. Its already colossal 75-inch screen is joined by rows of extremely large (by TV standards) speakers down  Full Article…