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Archive | August 31, 2015

Woodstock Film Festival Selects Atom Egoyan and Guy Maddin as 2015 Honorary Award Recipients

READ MORE: Woodstock Film Festival Celebrates 16 Years in Official Poster Art The Woodstock Film Festival has announced that Canadian filmmakers Atom Egoyan ("Exotica," "The Sweet Hereafter") and Guy Maddin ("Archangel," "The Heart of the World") will receive the Honorary Maverick Award and the second annual Fiercely Independent Award, respectively. The awards will be presented to  Full Article…


Why Bill Murray Finally Agreed To Do A Ghostbusters Cameo

Almost since Ghostbusters 2 back in 1989, there has been talk of getting the beige jumpsuit-wearing team back together. And almost as long, Bill Murray has wanted little to no part in that. When asked about the possibility, his responses have ranged from vague disinterest to out-and-out nos. That said, he recently filmed a small  Full Article…


First Trailer For Concussion

Will Smith investigates American Football head injuries With summer drawing to a close, the season of movies on the hunt for potential awards is in full swing, and here comes another in the shape of Concussion, which stars Will Smith. The first trailer has arrived online and can be watched below.  In @theMMQB today, @SI_PeterKing  Full Article…