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Archive | January 9, 2016

VOXX Unveils MyGuard Sport Armband for Smartphones

VOXX Accessories has unveiled the new MyGuard Sport, a safety illuminated armband that holds mobile devices and gives you peace-of-mind during day and night fitness activity. Here’s more info on this new armband for smartphones: The MyGuard Sport is a safety armband with a hands-free device pocket perfect for any fitness enthusiast. Whether walki… MobileTechReview


Why Fans Won’t Be Prepared For What Happens In Captain America: Civil War

I don’t have to tell you how monumental Captain America: Civil War is going to be. This isn’t just because we will finally see Tony Stark and Steve Rogers go toe-to-toe, and or because my nerd brain has wanted this for years; Civil War will have repercussions that rev… CINEMABLEND News