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Archive | March, 2016

The Bizarre Effect Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is Having On Parents

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has had a major impact on the world, this is not a secret. When you make the third-highest grossing movie ever, you can’t help but impact the culture in some way. However, the Star Wars franchise looks to be having some long-lasting reperc… CINEMABLEND News


Samsung Notebook 9 Review – the 1.9 lb. Core i5 Laptop

Samsung’s got a strong winner here, or actually a pair since the Notebook 9 is available in 13.3″ and 15″ sizes. What if you could have a 13″ Ultrabook that weighs just 1.9 pounds and is just half an inch thick, but didn’t have to sacrifice build quality, performance or battery Life? That’s the $  Full Article…


Acer Releases Predator Z850 Gaming Projector

Acer toduay released the Predator Z850 gaming projector with HD resolution. The new laser projector is designed for gaming, and expands Acer’s Predator gaming product portfolio, which also includes desktops, notebooks, tablets and monitors. Here’s more info on the Acer Predator Z850: The Predator Z850 features 24:9 ultra-wide HD resolution (1920… MobileTechReview