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Archive | March 11, 2016

Multiple Marvel Stars Helped Tom Holland Audition For Spider-Man

It takes a village to make a superhero. This is apparently the lesson that Tom Holland learned while auditioning to play Spider-Man. He called in every favor and looked for every opportunity he could to make his case to Marvel that he was the guy for the job. Luc… CINEMABLEND News


Watch the Chuckle Brothers play live-action Hitman

There’s something deeply unsettling about hearing the Chuckle Brothers order an assassin to mercilessly gun down a room of people, but here we are. In celebration for the launch of Hitman, Squar… Techradar – All the latest technology news


Square Enix Collective to Publish The Turing Test

Square Enix Collective announced it’s to publish The Turing Test, a forthcoming first-person puzzle game created by British studio Bulkhead Interactive, on Steam. The game will release in August 2016 and puts players in the shoes of Ava Turing, an engineer for the International Space Agency (ISA), as she attempts to uncover the truth behind  Full Article…