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Archive | July, 2016

Jason Bourne: More than a rerun, because he’s never been more relevant

On screen, the “Bourne” thrillers, from “The Bourne Identity” (2002) to the new “Jason Bourne,” have always been powered by a cool contradiction. A movie about a brainwashed human-robot ex-CIA assassin — or rather, a movie in which a brainwashed human-robot ex-CIA assassin is the hero — starts off, let’s no… Variety


LG Reports Q2 Financial Results

LG today announced second-quarter 2016 operating income of KRW 584.6 billion (USD 503.10 million), nearly 140 percent higher than the previous year, from strong performance by the Home Appliance and Air Solution and Home Entertainment companies, both reporting the highest quarterly operating profit in LG’s history. Global consolidated revenues of K… MobileTechReview


360fly 4K review – CNET

An improved design and higher resolution make this better than the original 360fly, but it’s the camera’s mobile app that completes the picture…. CNET Reviews – Most Recent Reviews