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Archive | November 27, 2016

New Logan Still Teases A Bloody Scene

Wolverine and blood go hand in hand and now that his healing factor is weakened, you can bet we’ll be in for a bloody ride on Logan. As this picture teases, it probably doesn’t have an R-rating for nothing. … CinemaBlend Latest Content


5 bizarre Black Friday tech bargains

For most, Black Friday is the time of the year when you stock up on TV and gaming goodies but sites such as Amazon do offer up other Black Friday related oddities. This is our pick of five bargains we have seen that on a normal day we wouldn’t even dream about purchasing, but over  Full Article…


iPad Game Review: Jade Empire Review

Jade Empire: Special Edition is the latest PC classic to be ported to iOS by traditional Mac publisher, Aspyr. It is an action RPG set in ancient magical China, albeit one that is rife with supernatural intrigue and magicky goodness. You play a student at a martial arts school when your world is upended by  Full Article…