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Archive | November 30, 2016

Top 10 best mobile workstations of 2016

Mobile workstations are not your ordinary business laptops; they’re altogether different beasts due to the parts they use, the level of after-sales services and their retail prices. In other words, they tend to be quite chunky, very expensive and top performers when it comes to sheer speed, regardless of price. You tend to get expensive  Full Article…


Verizon Holiday Shopping Deals 2016

Verizon Wireless is offering dozens of holiday shopping deals including free phones, deals on mobile accessories and more. Here are a few highlights on what great deals you can get from Verizon: Samsung Galaxy S7: save up to $ 300 with trade-in; 50% off on Fast Charge Wireless Charging StandLG K8 V: Free iPhone SE:  Full Article…


The best business technology and productivity gadgets

Laptops have overtaken desktop PCs as the preferred workhorse machines for most companies, regardless of the size, and it is easy to see why.  The performance, feature, and price gap between the two have shrunk considerably, so much so that other than for niche use cases that require a fixed workstation, a laptop is generally  Full Article…