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Archive | February 26, 2017

Withings is changing its name to Nokia

Withings is dead. Long live Withings.   Health and fitness brand Withings has confirmed that it’s ditching its name and inheriting the moniker of its parent company, Nokia. The transition will take place this summer and cover all of Withing's produce ranges, from smartwatches and fitness trackers to smart scale and h… Techradar – All  Full Article…


MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar now works with Chrome browser

Slowly but surely, more apps are bringing in support for the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, and the latest big name piece of software to do so is Chrome – at least in the Canary (effectively the earliest release or alpha) version of the web browser. The fact that support is in the initial Canary build  Full Article…


U.S. Cellular Introduces New Total Plans With No Hidden Fees

U.S. Cellular has introduced new Total Plans with No Hidden Fees – no activation fees, no monthly device connection charges, no phone upgrade fees and no data overage fees. U.S. Cellular’s new Total Plans with No Hidden Fees include unlimited talk and text with buckets of 2GB, 6GB and unlimited data, and they include family  Full Article…