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Archive | March, 2017

iPad Game Review: Turmoil for iPad Review

Turmoil for iPad is a game of 19th century oil management. Buy land, locate pockets of oil, drill, pump, sell, upgrade your equipment, grow your business, extract more oil, outwit your opponents, get rich, win. Adapted for iPad, Turmoil earned its pedigree on the rough and unforgiving landscape of Steam, where it did quite well,  Full Article…


New ‘It’ Trailer Teases the Childhood Terrors to Come

First published in 1986, Stephen King's novel It was a massive, ambitious book, numbering more than 1,100 pages in its original edition. The story followed a group of misfit children who call themselves the "Losers Club," detailing their adventures in the late 1950s battling against a vicious demonic being who takes the form of whatev…  Full Article…