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Archive | April, 2017

This is why Microsoft needs a Surface Pro 5 – and fast

Microsoft just revealed its latest fiscal results, with a bit of a sting in the figures when it comes to sales of Surface hybrids, which have slumped considerably – in marked contrast to recent times. In fact, in the latest quarter, revenue from Surface devices dropped by a worrying 26% year-on-year. Compare that to the  Full Article…


‘Close-Knit’ Wins Top Prize at Udine Far East Fest

ROME — Japanese director Ogigami Naoko’s tender drama “Close-Knit” in which a transgender woman becomes a mother figure to a young girl won the Audience Award, the top prize, at the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy, which is Europe’s biggest showcase of genre and mainstream Asian cinema. South Korean director Choi Kook-hee’s … Variety


iPad Game Review: Pan Pan for iOS Review

Pan-Pan is yet another indy gem to make its way to iOS from PC/Mac. While almost all that have made the transition to mobile over the last year have been very good to excellent, many of them have had to entirely re-work their interfaces for touchscreens. Pan-Pan, on the other hand, plays like it was  Full Article…