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Archive | May 14, 2017

‘Ghostbusters’ Inspires the Name of a Newly Discovered Dinosaur

Ghostbusters was recently remade, but the original 1984 movie is the one that continues to have significance in the world. The supernatural comedy has a strong following, and apparently its fans include paleontologists. Led by Victoria Arbour, of Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, a team of scientists recently discovered a previously unknown … | Movie News


Best VPN for Mac: Our 5 top choices

Mac users can get somewhat complacent about security, but they shouldn’t – Apple’s desktop computers are being increasingly targeted by cybercriminals, and it never pays to let your guard down. Certainly, as well as competent antivirus, folks with a Mac need a quality Virtual Private Network just as much as anyone on W… Techradar –  Full Article…


Film Review: ‘Get Me Roger Stone’

The right-wing campaign consultants who brought negative advertising, mud-slinging, and — let’s call it what it is — lying into the center of the American media ecosphere used to keep themselves out of sight. That was part of their mystique: They plied their trade from the shadows. (It’s part of what gave their lies power —…  Full Article…