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Archive | June 10, 2017

LG SJ9 Sound Bar

Dolby Atmos soundbars are the hottest trend in home entertainment audio this year. Pretty much every major AV brand has included one or more Atmos soundbar in its 2017 range, and Samsung has already impressed us with a couple of high-end models.  Now, it’s the turn of Samsung’s arch rival LG to prove that adding  Full Article…


Samsung’s Notebook 9 Pro with S-Pen is available for pre-order now

Update: Samsung revealed a pair of convertible laptops equipped with a built-in S-Pen at Computex and now they're available for pre-order starting today. Both of the 13- and 15-inch models of the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro are available for pre-order on Samsung's official site for $ 1,099 (about £850, AU$ 1,460) a… TechRadar: Mobile computing  Full Article…


HTC U11 Squeezy Phone Shipping Today

HTC announced it’s shipping the HTC U11 with squeezeble edge. You can buy it on Amazon, HTC and Sprint. The HTC U11 Android phone features HTC Edge Sense that allow you to squeeze the phone to launch camera, send texts and even open email. It retails at $ 649 or $ 29.00 US per month  Full Article…