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Archive | September 3, 2017

The best John Lewis Black Friday deals 2017

This year's edition of Black Friday is fast approaching, and so you're going to want to know where the best bargains and biggest price drops can be found. Here we'll concentrate on one particular store, one that's always a major player during Black Friday and Cyber Monday: John Lewis. The venerable high stree… Techradar –  Full Article…


B&O Beoplay E8 true wireless headphones

True wireless earbuds might be one of the biggest things in headphones right now, but we’re yet to see the big players settle on a form-factor that makes sense for everyone.  Sony’s WF-1000X, for example, feature just a single button that allows you to control playback, but leave you without the ability to raise or  Full Article…


Venice Film Review: ‘The Leisure Seeker’

There are Alzheimer’s movies that cut to the quick, like “Still Alice,” and then there are Alzheimer’s movies that pander to the worst sort of cheaply-manipulative old-folks cutesiness, like “The Leisure Seeker.” Maybe if there were one crumb of genuine flavor in this stale cheese, it could have passed muster, but this is ersatz curd,…..  Full Article…