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Archive | September 26, 2017

Microsoft targets businesses with new Windows 10 S laptops

Over at the Ignite conference, Microsoft has revealed four new laptops which run Windows 10 S and are designed specifically for ‘firstline workers’ (frontline staff) in conjunction with the company’s new Microsoft 365 F1 plan. The latter is a new enterprise plan for Office 365, and the laptops in question come from Ace… TechRadar: Mobile  Full Article…


Download the super-speedy Firefox Quantum beta today

Mozilla has launched the beta and developer versions of Firefox Quantum – the latest edition of the web browser, which comes with a new engine that uses multi-core processing to optimize speed. Quantum, also known as Firefox 57, is a serious step up from the previous version, and Mozilla claims you’ll notice the difference im…  Full Article…


Denon DP-300F

The vinyl resurgence is here to stay and as a result, many audio companies are releasing new turntables. This makes choosing the right turntable quick tricky, as there are a ton of good options – especially for those first getting into vinyl.  That being said, if you’re just starting out, the Denon DP-300F is an  Full Article…