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Archive | October 10, 2017

Intel’s next laptop processors could use AMD’s Vega graphics

Intel could be about to produce a mobile CPU which uses AMD’s Vega graphics technology, according to the rumor mill. This speculation stems from a leaked Intel slide posted by Wccftech with a caption that reads ‘Vega Inside, Mobile Performance Outside’ suggesting that we could see a mobile processor which has, well, Ve… TechRadar: Mobile  Full Article…


Top 20 cheap laptop deals in October 2017

The best laptop deals in the US are designed to offer you better notebook computers for significantly cheaper prices, but they can be difficult to find. That’s why we, each week, comb through all the most popular US laptop retailers, like Newegg, Amazon, Dell and Apple, to find only the top deals on laptop makes  Full Article…


Face ID could be coming to the iPad Pro next year

We've not really had chance to put the Face ID recognition system on the iPhone X properly through its paces yet – but according to those in the know, Apple is planning to add Face ID, and the TrueDepth camera that powers it, as an upgrade in its 2018 edition of the iPad Pro. That's  Full Article…