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Archive | January 19, 2018

Comics on Film: Is There a ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut?

Ever since Justice League first hit theaters back in mid-November 2017, certain DC movie fans — particularly those who have a very, very strong allegiance to Zack Snyder — have tried to petition Warner Bros. Pictures to release a version of the DC Comics-based team-up film that more closely resembles the original vision that i… |  Full Article…


Apple MacBook Air review – CNET

When the Apple MacBook Air was introduced ten years ago, it was different than anything we’d seen before…. CNET Reviews – Most Recent Reviews


Creative Halo

Because music runs the gamut of emotions, we turn to our favorite songs to be inspired, elated, understood and, above all, entertained.  As a device that purely serves as entertainment, the Creative Halo has a lot of potential – thanks to its entrancing light show it definitely keeps your eyes as entertained as your ears.   Full Article…