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Archive | January 24, 2018

Heady times for cellular M2M connections

Research author Sam Barker said: “Edge computing will provide the necessary network capabilities for the provision of services. Decentralising network functions by moving them to the edge will facilitate the ultra-low latency and faster processing power needed”. These are booming times for cellular M2M, according to a new rep… TechRadar: Mobile computing news


Rumor Patrol: New ‘RoboCop’ May Be in Development

Even as the Academy Award nominations were being announced yesterday, two intriguing, though unconfirmed, reports have gained traction. Here's what we know:   Is a New Robocop Movie in Development? Report: Ed Neumeier, who cowrote and coproduced the original Robocop, told Zeitgeist Entertainment Magazine (via Movieweb) that he has … | Movie News