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Archive | July 12, 2018

10 must-have accessories for every Nikon DSLR owner

Whether you're thinking about getting a Nikon DSLR, you've just got one or are a long time user, there's a wealth of accessories out there to help transform your photography. That's not to say you can't use it straight out of the box with the bundled 18-55mm kit lens, but to take full advantage of  Full Article…


9 things you should know about using prime lenses

Zoom lenses are undeniably great when it comes to convenience and versatility, delivering a wide range of focal lengths at the flick of a wrist. However, they demand a compromise in terms of outright image quality. With complex arrangements of large groups of lens elements moving back and forth to enable zoom, the optical purity  Full Article…


Best Samsung phones: finding the right Galaxy for you

Samsung is the biggest name in Android phones, and for good reason, as the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are among the best handsets you can buy. But the company doesn't just make the headline-grabbing flagships, and it has a range of smartphones which, depending on your needs and budget,  Full Article…