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Archive | August 6, 2018

Huawei UK security concerns arise from aging software

The UK government’s security concerns about Huawei telecoms equipment result from the ongoing use of aging software, insiders have claimed. A report published last month by the Banbury-based Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC), a specialist unit formed in 2010 to monitor the use of the equipment in the UK’s network infrastructure, could only offer  Full Article…


Dell XPS 13 2019: what we want to see

The Dell XPS 13 has been one of the best Ultrabooks for the last few years in a row now, and the 2018 version especially blew us away with its sleek redesign and powerful components. However, we think it’s time to look into the future, and create a sort of wish list for the Dell  Full Article…