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Archive | August 10, 2018

Comics on Film: ‘The Death of Superman’ Gets It Right

In late 1992, something astonishing happened: the mainstream public became briefly obsessed with comic books. With the publication of Superman (vol. 2) #75, DC Comics unleashed a behemoth and force of nature onto the city of Metropolis that could only see one being have any hope of standing in its way: the world’s greatest hero  Full Article…


The best video editing software 2018: paid and free

Whatever your budget and level of experience, we've found the best video editor for you – if you're making a whole movie or just need to trim a single clip. There are superb free video editors available (and you'll find them on the second page), but we've started by rounding up the finest premium editing software  Full Article…


Could a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 actually replace your computer?

During its reveal of the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung focused quite heavily on a particularly interesting new feature: a brand new take on DeX.  Samsung’s phone-based computing solution now works over a simple USB-C-to-HDMI adaptor, which dramatically boosts the value proposition. But, does it actually have the capability to replace your computer? Samsung is claiming  Full Article…