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Archive | August 12, 2018

How far are we from the perfect smartphone?

Main image: The latest innovations in smartphone design include a pop-up selfie camera on Vivo's Nex The arrival of the first iPhone in 2007 triggered a tidal wave of innovation that has transformed the devices in our pockets. Thanks to a combination of furious competition between the biggest phone manufacturers on the planet and a  Full Article…


Album Review: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’

Delays. Date changes. Dick jokes. Diss tracks that she insists aren’t really diss tracks. And a last-minute release-date-change announced on her new Apple Beats 1 radio show, followed by fantastically weird commentary. We’d expect nothing less from Nicki Minaj and the album she’s titled “Queen,” an epic 19-track collection that stands as her best and  Full Article…