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Archive | September 10, 2018

Is this the Chromebook ‘Nocturne’ leaked on video?

While we’ve seen plenty of the forthcoming Google Pixel 3 phones leak ahead of Google’s scheduled reveal event in October, we’ve seen next to nothing regarding Chromebooks. Now, the previously-rumored Chromebook ‘Nocturne’ may have appeared on video. The news comes via Chrome Unboxed who was tipped to the appearance of a video depicting some sort  Full Article…


OnePlus 6T is confirmed to have an in-screen scanner

We don’t yet know much for sure about the OnePlus 6T, but one very exciting feature has just been confirmed, namely an in-screen fingerprint scanner. The confirmation from OnePlus came in an email to CNET, which additionally noted that the feature is called Screen Unlock, will be offered in addition to Face Unlock, and will  Full Article…