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Archive | October 5, 2018

Apple software reportedly bricks third-party MacBook Pro repairs

If something goes awry with your shiny new MacBook Pro, you might not want to turn to your friendly local Apple repair shop. Motherboard reports, citing an internal Apple document, that the latest MacBook Pro models have software locks installed that prevent third parties from successfully completing repairs on the laptops. The document in question  Full Article…


Media Coverage of Sexual Assault, #MeToo, is Rising

The number of articles on sexual assault has increased more than 30% between May 2017 and August 2018, according to a study of the content of headlines, bylines, and articles on 15,228 pieces of news conducted by the Women’s Media Center. When articles focused solely on the#MeToo movement are added, total coverage has increased 52%, according to  Full Article…


Google Nocturne Chromebook release date, news and rumors

Following a spate of leaks and rumors, the technology world is abuzz with talk of a 2-in-1 Google Chromebook tablet in the works known internally as ‘Nocturne’. And, while it's still the product of many a blurry video and vague marketing image, it seems pretty solid that Google is working on a 2-in-1 tablet running  Full Article…