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Archive | December 13, 2018

The best rugged smartphones of 2018

If you're after a phone that can withstand the elements, or survive accidental drops and knocks, then our list of the best rugged smartphones in 2018 is here to help. Not only are the best rugged smartphones money can buy water and dust proof, they also come in shock-resistant cases, which makes them ideal for  Full Article…


iOS 13 release date & new features rumours

When will Apple release the next version of iOS for iPhone and iPad, and what new features will it bring? We round up the iOS 13 leaks and rumours… Latest News Articles from Macworld UK


Red Hydrogen One review: Jack of all trades, master of none

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room — the Red Hydrogen One costs a whopping $ 1295. This is one of the most expensive devices in the market, topped only by fancy designer handsets and certain limited-edition smartphones. Is the Red Hydrogen One worth that much cash? Is any? Related Articles