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Archive | January 5, 2019

AMD Vega II release date, news and rumors

It was a fairly quiet year for AMD’s graphics department in 2018, but 2019 has the chance to dial things up a bit with the expected announcement and launch of new Vega II graphics processors built on a 7nm process. The wait for a new AMD graphics card has been long and arduous, but Vega  Full Article…


AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation release date, news and rumors

AMD changed the world with its first Ryzen processors and impressed us even more with its sophomore release of CPUs, but we expect Ryzen 3rd Generation will truly blow Intel out of the water. With Ryzen 3rd Generation, we expect AMD will introduce its first 7nm mainstream processors.  If Team Red manages to pull this  Full Article…


Watch out for this genuine-looking Apple Support scam

As users get wiser to phishing scams, so the scammers are producing cons that are ever more complex – like the very genuine-looking Apple Support scam that's doing the rounds, as reported by security expert Brian Krebs. What happens is you get an automated call that appears to come from Apple itself: the logo, the  Full Article…