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Archive | January 9, 2019

Your mirror may soon be able to decide the clothes you wear

Ever find yourself wanting to throw your entire wardrobe away and start over again? You may have even considered getting a personal shopper… but what if you could get that service without even leaving your bedroom? We've just seen the world's first smart mirror that features artificial intelligence tech to recommend clothes for your body  Full Article…


The best CES tech: TechRadar’s 2019 CES Awards

There’s no place quite like Vegas during CES: The crowds are buzzing with excitement while walking from booth to booth, the city seems to embrace (or at least tolerate) the influx of technophiles and the show floor is packed to the brim with great gadgets that are bound to change the way we live, work  Full Article…


UK trade head mocked at CES over Brexit

The UK's top political trade figure has been heckled at CES 2019 over the UK's stance on the world stage following Brexit. Appearing on stage as part of the opening CES 2019 keynote, Dr Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for International Trade, was met with cries of "Brexit" when asked what sets the UK  Full Article…