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Archive | February 7, 2019

Google will encrypt locally stored data with Adiantum

Google has launched a new encryption mode called Adiantum to help protect user data in the event that a device falls into the wrong hands. Since the release of Android 6.0 in 2015, the company has required device manufacturers to include storage encryption on most smartphones using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This is why  Full Article…


Nokia 9 renders suggest no notch, bigger battery

New renders of the Nokia 9, also known as the Nokia 9 PureView, have surfaced – and while they seem to confirm some of the biggest rumors surrounding the phone, they also dispute a few. The Nokia 9’s main point of interest is its penta-lens rear camera, which various rumors have alternately touted and debunked.  Full Article…


Raspberry Pi opens first high-street store

As more high-street retailers turn to online shopping to boost their sales, the team behind the pocket-sized Raspberry Pi computer is taking a different approach by opening its first ever retail store. The company's new “experimental space” in Cambridge, where the Raspberry Pi was originally invented, is designed to attract customers who are “curious” about  Full Article…