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Archive | March 3, 2019

Why have so many 5G phones been launched already this year?

Why are 5G phones even being unveiled already? It feels like it's barely months since 4G networks launched… so why are we even talking about selling 5G handsets already? Why did we see multiple phones being announced at MWC this year packing the new technology on board? I'm certainly not against the idea of 5G  Full Article…


Russia-Israel team to eye foreign forces' pullout from Syria

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel and Russia are to form a joint team to examine the withdrawal of foreign forces from Syria. Israel is seeking the removal of Iranian forces and has vowed to keep its main enemy from entrenching itself militarily in the neighbouring country. Netanyahu … Yahoo News – Latest  Full Article…


Samsung wants to sell its Galaxy Fold tech to Apple and Google

The screen tech behind the Samsung Galaxy Fold is certainly innovative and likely to help influence the future of phones, along with similar devices like the Huawei Mate X. Now it seems Samsung wants to supply folding screens to Apple and Google as well. As per a report in ETNews, Samsung has already provided samples  Full Article…