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Archive | March 5, 2019

Putin wants his own private internet

A new Russian law could soon isolate the country's Runet from the rest of the internet as it seeks to tighten its grip on the information that flows in and out of the country. A new bill, backed by President Vladimir Putin and Moscow lawmakers, is currently being pushed through parliament which would create a  Full Article…


UK could soon hit data storage breaking point

New research from Veritas Technologies has revealed that UK consumers face a tough choice between deleting their data or paying extra to keep it. The firm conducted a study to learn more about consumers' data habits and found that 38 percent of the 2,000 respondents would not pay for extra data storage on top of  Full Article…


Email security is greater threat than ever

Emails containing malicious URLs are up by 125 percent when compared to last quarter according to new research from Mimecast. The email and data security company's latest Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) report has revealed that the delivery of emails containing malicious URLs is on the rise as the lines between email and web security  Full Article…