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Archive | March 19, 2019

First Look: Stadia Controller

At Google’s opening keynote at this year’s Game Developers Conference, CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled the future of game-streaming: Stadia.  The correct plural pronunciation of the word ‘stadium’, Stadia will offer gamers an arena to watch and participate, game and stream their games to the wider world. It’s ambitious and, despite some huge unknown factors like  Full Article…


Check out the latest ROG innovation at PAX EAST 2019

TechRadar editors spend their days reviewing the best and the worst tech products on the market, so they usually know which ones consumers will actually like. But while you can trust their judgment on which companies make the most reliable laptops or phones, sometimes it’s safer to try them out for yourself first before buying  Full Article…


Mirai botnet returns to target IoT devices

A new variant of the Mirai malware targeting IoT devices has been discovered in the wild by security researchers from Palo Alto Networks. The researchers first discovered this new strain earlier this year and now it is being used in a new IoT botnet targeting smart signage TVs and wireless presentation systems. The authors of  Full Article…