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Archive | April 3, 2019

Canon introduces seven Sumire Prime PL-mount lenses

Canon has introduced seven cine-focused optics in a new Sumire Prime lens series.  Dubbed as lenses that "merge the art and science of cinematography", the seven are the first from the company to arrive in the PL mount. This makes them compatible with 16mm and 35mm cameras developed by Arri in addition to Canon's own  Full Article…


Google Duplex now headed to non-Pixel phones and iPhones

Google Duplex, the Google Assistant extension that calls restaurants and businesses for you to make appointments or reservations, is starting its planned rollout to non-Pixel phones and iPhones, according to XDA Developers.  The feature was introduced on the Google IO 2018 stage before officially debuting on Pixel phones toward the end of last year. Even  Full Article…


Facebook app data exposed by third-party developers

While Facebook may be responsible for securing user data on its own site, what happens when third-party developers fail to do so on their end? New research from UpGuard has discovered that this was exactly the case regarding two third-party developed Facebook app datasets that have been found exposed to the public internet. The first  Full Article…