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Archive | April 8, 2019

AMD has new, high-performance mobile Ryzen Pro processors coming

AMD's Ryzen mobile processors follow in the wake of the desktop-class processors (CPUs), with commercial-grade Ryzen Pro mobile processors following. That trend continues into Ryzen's second generation, as AMD has officially unveiled its 2nd Gen Ryzen Pro mobile processors in a press release. The new Ryzen Pro mobile processors come more than a year after  Full Article…


Fortnite is getting Apex Legends-style respawns

Seems like Fortnite is taking another page from Apex Legends' book: This week Fortnite developer Epic Games introduced a new respawn mechanic that sounds… oddly familiar. Announced in its latest Battle Royale Dev Update video, Fortnite's Reboot Van allows players to respawn an eliminated squadmate. So how does it work? Well, when a squadmate is  Full Article…