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Archive | April 16, 2019

Mac Mini 2019: what we want to see

Just when we thought Apple forgot about the Mac mini, the company swept us off our feet with a stunning return to form late last year, alongside the new MacBook Air. The new Mac mini was so impressive that we’re already eagerly anticipating a Mac mini 2019. Even at its base configuration, the Mac mini  Full Article…


Apple and Qualcomm agree to stop suing each other

Apple and Qualcomm’s current legal clashes, including a blockbuster patent argument with literally billions of dollars on the line that just started its opening arguments, are all officially over. Both companies have signed an agreement to dismiss all ongoing litigation, renew licensing and chip supply contracts, and even secured a payment from Apple to Qualcomm,  Full Article…


Apple HomePod 2 could provide stereo sound anywhere in the room

Apple's long-awaited HomePod 2 smart speaker could sound even better than the original, if new patents granted to the tech company are anything to go by.  Apple's patent for a 'Multi-listener stereo image array' describes a system where "multiple people can experience a stereo audio effect, regardless of where they are seated," according to Apple  Full Article…