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Archive | May 6, 2019

Cortana could soon be the best digital assistant – with a little help from friends

Opening up access to Cortana to third-party hardware, and Windows 10 to competing services like Amazon’s Alexa, seemed like the death knell for Microsoft’s digital assistant at the time. After its Build 2019 conference in Seattle, Washington, this is looking like one of Microsoft’s most ingenious plays yet. During its conference, Microsoft announced that Cortana  Full Article…


Microsoft just teased an AR Minecraft game for phones

While Microsoft spent most of the day focusing on enterprise solutions, including a way to protect elections from malicious software, it ended the Build 2019 keynote with a surprise announcement for a new augmented reality (AR) Minecraft experience coming to smartphones. The still-unnamed app was shown off through a teaser trailer displayed at the end  Full Article…


Beer goggles: why your local pub could be the future of virtual reality

It’s no secret that virtual reality has an isolation problem. The very appeal of VR experiences – immersion in simulated worlds – requires a successful detachment from your surroundings. Light must be blocked out, outside noise should be muffled, and god help anyone caught within swinging distance of your controllers.  Despite the increasing visibility of  Full Article…