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Archive | June 16, 2019

Samsung smartphones to benefit from US-China trade war

The escalating global politico-economic risks are expected to benefit Samsung smartphones but impact the overall global demand this year, especially for Apple and Huawei. Mia Huang, analyst at TrendForce, said that the demand has weakened even more than originally predicted due to the ongoing trade war between the US and China. “We previously forecasted this  Full Article…


Best merchant services of 2019

The need to take card payments online and off has become paramount for the modern business. However, to do that requires payment processing, usually supplied by merchant service providers.  This can come in the form of a card reader for physical PoS (Point of Sale) transactions, in which even an app on your phone or  Full Article…


How will smartwatches and fitness trackers make use of 5G?

Faster, better, and the future of mobile internet, 5G is certainly the connection you want on your smartphone. It means faster speeds for when you want to download something in a hurry, as well as being able to stream video more efficiently while sitting on the train during your daily commute.  With speeds potentially being  Full Article…