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Archive | July 9, 2019

The best Dell laptops 2019

The best Dell laptops aren’t just svelte and powerful, but they’re also built to last, which makes Dell is easily one of the most successful PC manufacturers out there right now. Take home the best Dell laptop on Amazon Prime Day They will come in two main lines for general work and home use. The  Full Article…


YouTube is finally available on Fire TVs again

The feud is finally over: Amazon Fire TV owners can once again access YouTube via a native app, while Chromecast owners can Cast the Amazon Prime Video app from their mobile phones or tablets to their TVs for the very first time.  Both services will be available starting today, according to the announcement post on  Full Article…


OpenText: Prepare for the age of EIM

The world of business is set for major changes as companies pivot towards ensuring their data and information is stored and protected properly, one of the world’s leading ERP companies has predicted. Speaking at the opening keynote of the company’s Enterprise World event in Toronto today, OpenText CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea revealed that the  Full Article…