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Archive | August 14, 2019

Four top web hosting hacks to boost SEO

Your web host has a major influence on SEO. Speed, or how quickly your website loads is the most important factor. When a user arrives at your website it needs to respond quickly – it feels more natural and it’s what we all expect these days, no one likes waiting for anything anymore!  There are  Full Article…


Borderlands 3 isn’t the game you remember – but that’s OK

Threequels are notoriously hit-or-miss. While some series’ third instalations go beyond expectations and breath new life into a franchise, others can fall seriously short of the bar. It’s all about striking that sweet balance between fresh new content and the formula that fans originally gravitated to – and it’s a balance that Gearbox does beautifully  Full Article…


Humans are listening to some of your Skype calls and Cortana interactions

Some of our worst assumptions about smart speakers, digital assistants and internet phone services are coming true, as Microsoft has admitted that both Microsoft employees and contractors may listen to your Skype calls and voice interactions with its Cortana digital assistant. The confirmation comes a week after Vice's Motherboard discovered that Microsoft has hired contractors  Full Article…