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Man Sues Woman for Texting on Their First Date During ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’; James Gunn Comments

Talk about bad dating etiquette! We're big proponents of the theatrical experience. There's nothing quite like watching a movie, whether it be a highly-anticipated blockbuster or a little-heralded indie, on a big screen with fellow enthusiasts. It's always somewhat dismaying, therefore, when someone disturbs that experience. But wou… | Movie News


‘Ghostbusters’ Inspires the Name of a Newly Discovered Dinosaur

Ghostbusters was recently remade, but the original 1984 movie is the one that continues to have significance in the world. The supernatural comedy has a strong following, and apparently its fans include paleontologists. Led by Victoria Arbour, of Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, a team of scientists recently discovered a previously unknown … | Movie News


Rejoice, DVD Fans! Rentals Aren’t Dead Yet

Let's wax nostalgic for a moment and celebrate the physical side of home video. Even though many of us fondly recall the VHS era, the popularity of DVD players surpassed videocassette recorders back in 2006. This popularity was reflected in movies like Hot Fuzz (top) and This Means War (below). Blu-ray, originally envisioned as the  Full Article…