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‘It’ Could Be a Blockbuster

The big-screen adaptation of Stephen King's It has been steadily building anticipation for more than a year. That might be a surprise to some; after all, It revolves around a young cast of unknowns and the best-known actor, rising star Bill Skarsgard (above), is covered up in a clown costume and makeup. Yet the premise  Full Article…


Female-Led ‘License to Drive’ Remake on Its Way

Cast your mind back to the summer of 1988, when a teen comedy titled License to Drive opened quietly in movie theaters across the nation. It was no great shakes at the box office during its first week, finishing far behind Coming to America and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. But in a sequel-happy season —  Full Article…


Rumor Patrol: ‘Terminator 6’ Gets Schwarzenegger and Cameron Talking

This year, Arnold Schwarzenegger (above in Terminator: Genisys) has expressed his enthusiasm about appearing in another installment of the Terminator series multiple times, which is completely understandable. The original movie, directed by James Cameron, allowed him to portray a very strong and dynamic character who became an iconic action figure … | Movie News