Exclusive ‘Double’ Blu-ray Extra: Spy Vs. Spy!

The Double Blu-ray

In this exclusive Blu-ray featurette from the upcoming release of “The Double,” Topher Grace explains how he’s on the side of the audience, in more ways then one.

Grace’s character is charged with the difficult task of bringing down a Soviet assassin, who unbeknownst to him is actual his mentor, Paul, played by Richard Gere.

“My character Ben Geary’s a lot like the audience. He’s new to Paul’s situation,” Grace says in an interview for the Blu-ray. “He’s kind of with the audience in terms of figuring out what’s going on. We both are trying to make it something different and more real and unique.”

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The film’s director, Michael Brandt, explains in his own interview that he wanted to make a spy movie that didn’t feel like a spy movie. In particular, he wasn’t looking for the tense glances and trench coats.

“I didn’t want it to feel like a quiet spy movie,” Brandt says in the featurette, along side his co-writer Derek Haas. “I wanted it to feel like a movie with a lot of momentum, a movie with a lot of action, in a sense, but really kind of a movie with a forward thrust to it.”

“The Double” hits Blu-ray and DVD today (January 31).

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