Just In Time For the Weekend: Here Are the 7 Best Cocktails Served at the ‘Hey Bartender’ NYC Premiere

You expect a film premiere party for a documentary titled “Hey Bartender” to serve great drinks — and in that department the Manhattan bash ahead of its theatrical bow today didn’t disappoint. At the Experimental Cocktail Club on the Lower East Side, a crew of super savvy bartenders served up cocktails that had guests going back for seconds and from the looks of it, thirds, fourths and more.

The film itself, out in select theaters and VOD today, is director Douglas Tirola’s take on what the movie dubs “the cocktail revolution.” To track it he follows several bartenders — including an injured Marine who turns to bartending and a man who leaves his white-collar job to buy the corner bar in his hometown — as they navigate the ups and downs of a very flavorful industry.

With the weekend upon us, what better time to experiment by attempting to concoct the drinks served up at the premiere? You can find the full drink menu and the ingredients below.

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