Lian Li PC-V352 B HTPC Chassis

I am a huge fan of leaving my case on my desktop for easy access to all the innards, but every once in a while I really ponder moving to a much smaller rig for my day to day use. With the advances in m-ITX motherboards for low power HTPC usage alongside the advances in m-ATX and the ability to overclock even on a tiny motherboard, something like one of these paired with let’s say a GTX 460, and I could have the best of everything and still be able to game pretty well. Now the question comes to mind, what case do I house it all in?

Lian Li has stepped up to the plate and offers a HTPC chassis that keeps in tune with much of what we expect to see from them. All Aluminum construction, choices of red, silver, or the black you are about to see, along with some really cool innovations, this chassis design packs quite a bit into a really small footprint. Inside you will still find all the typical features of a Lian Li built chassis; it is the outside that is where most of the magic happens.

I am speaking of the Lian Li PC-V352 chassis. This cube, SFF, HTPC, or whatever you want to refer to it as, offers innovative design twists and optional features such as which side of the chassis to use for the optical bays and I/O connectivity. No matter if the chassis sits to the right or left of you, the chassis can be adjusted to fit your needs. The chassis is listed as an HTPC chassis, but the lack of front access to the drives makes it better used on the desktop.

Enough with my preconceptions of the chassis and more on what you should expect to see! – Let’s get a look at the specifications and you can see for yourself what Lian Li has in store for you with the PC-V352.

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