Nic Cage Makes ‘Star Wars’ Better In Dailies!

Nic Cage Star Wars

There’s a moment in every young person’s life when they realize how much better “Star Wars” would have been if Nicolas Cage had played every role.

Also, Arya Stark does the cinnamon challenge, and hot dogs act of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Dailies!

» My biggest complain with the “Dark Knight Rises” trailer was that there weren’t enough hot dogs. This video fixes taht. [Vulture]

» Here is a collection of every horrible ghastly adjective used in “50 Shades of Grey.” [Vulture]

» This is what happens when you’re positive male role model is beheaded in season one. [Reddit]

» “Driver” director is now in talks to direct “Button Man: The Killing,” which is basically “The Hunger Games” with hit men. [Deadline]

» Nic Cage. “Star Wars.” Because why the hell not? [Reddit]

Nic Cage Star Wars

» Frank Darabont’s ever-expanding “L.A. Noir” add Thomas Janes as Bugsy Siegel. [The Playlist]

» This new TV spot for “The Expendables 2” debuts a new “Terminator joke. [Ain’t It Cool]

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