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Tom Hiddleston Discusses Loki’s Battles With Captain America and the Hulk in The Avengers

One thing’s for sure, actor Tom Hiddleston enjoyed torturing the members of the Avengers as the treacherous Loki in the upcoming movie adaptation of the Marvel comic book. While we still don’t know what “army” Loki will employ against “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”, Hiddleston admitted last September that Loki will “fight with everybody” in The Avengers  Full Article…


Second Battleship International Trailer

Universal Pictures has released the second international trailer for Battleship, which arrives in theaters nationwide May 18. Click on the video player below for a new look at this high seas adventure starring Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, and pop star Rihanna in her feature film debut. Click to watch Battleship International Trailer! Battleship comes to  Full Article…


Kirsten Chilstrom: A Visit to Holmes & Yang

Jeanne Yang, stylist to the stars and co-owner of Holmes & Yang, believes in three things: pairing denim with diamonds whenever possible, keeping her purse off the floor, and having her fashion line manufactured in New York City. While the former rituals are more personal matters-of-the-heart, the latter is strictly business. Just six fashion seasons  Full Article…


Demi Lovato Teases March 6 Special On MTV

Singer tweets out a photo of her wrists emblazoned with her ‘Stay Strong’ tattoos and the date ‘3.6.2012.’By Jocelyn Vena What does Demi Lovato have up her sleeve? We’ll know in good time. But for now, the singer/actress tweeted out a photo teasing a super-secret special project she is working on with MTV. The photo  Full Article…